Janine Brown

Fantasy Portraits
I began The Fantasy Portraits in 2017.  By appropriating images from fashion photographers and embellishing them with collage, I have created the complete opposite of the fading wallflowers from The Wallflower Project.

After working on The Wallflower Project for over 8 years, I found that I needed a lighter subject matter - one that made me smile. With a nod to The Wallflower Project, I continue to use discontinued wallpaper as the substrate for all of the portraits. Then I appropriate images from both Ken Weingart (Los Angeles, CA) and Keyvan Behpour (Bridgeport, CT) and transfer the photos onto the wallpaper. The next steps are like a puzzle, I use images from various fashion and lifestyle magazines that I have collected since my years in High School to piece together a new person that is part fantasy and part humor.